4am rant on racism and where I feel the world is headed. (take it as you will, I am sharing some very frustrated thoughts)

One day elitist people who think they have the power to put people on boxes are going to find themselves in quite a predicament because the world is a melting pot and whoever might be “breeding” within their race to keep their line “pure” is inevitably going to be “tainted” (unless they decide to inbreed in which case disease will end that promptly) and then we are all going to be mixed. And you can’t put mixed people in boxes unless you plan on having every single person in their own damn box with their own slew of traits and descriptions because we are all different. We are all individuals. It is eventually going to be impossible to really keep track of who is 1/8 Chinese, 1/2 Russian and 3/8 African and who is 1/4 Haitian and 3/4 Australian and who is whatever mix of whoever decided to get together to make the person you see there. Does it really matter? No it doesn’t, because they are their own person. Do people think it matters? Yes because unfortunately some people have their judgements and others have guns and a few out of those have power and the worst is when they have all three and they think they can decide someone’s fate.

If you want to be close minded, then go about your day thinking whatever you want and represent whoever you think you should. But don’t you dare think that your opinion gives you the right to affect someone else’s life. It doesn’t, it really doesn’t. So stop putting people in boxes and stop abusing your guns and power, cause everybody has the right to live their life in society. And we are all going to be mixed together one day so really, what is the point?

(Sorry for potential run on sentences, excessively long paragraphs, and any general grammatical issues. I wrote this on my phone rather late at night.)